While the puppy sleeps

Apologies for being such a bad blogger.  I have been consecrating puppy naptime to both client work and, as usual, laundry.

Two branding-related thoughts since the canine incursion into our household, however:

(1) Two friends recommended the dog food brand Royal Canin.  Okay, fine, but how do you pronounce “canin”?  Like “canine” in English, or as if the word were French?  Or “ca-neen”?  I am deeply troubled by this;  still, since Reggie likes it fine, I will continue to buy it and will try to turn off my overactive brain.

(2) Reggie came to us with an intestinal bug that required treatment with a drug called Panacur.  Last I checked my dictionary, “cur” was a derogatory term for an aggressive dog.  I’m at a loss for any further etymological detail about this product name (panacea + cure comes to mind, but why for this?); am I the only one who thinks it’s slightly offensive?  I mean, can you imagine an analogous pharmaceutical name for humans? Beneschmuck?  Aidadick?  Am I missing something?  I plead sleep deprivation, so it’s definitely possible I’ve missed something in my daily torpor.

And now, said cute puppy with her favorite toy.  No, not me.