Not quite an Alt-0174, but really good

We’re almost finished building our wine cellar, and once we’ve loaded in the stash that’s now decorating our living room, there’s going to be a lot of racks to fill.  Not that we’re planning on going crazy, mind you, but we’re always looking for something new, particularly from Washington, whose wines we love.

So on a routine visit to Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine I just learned about a new winery: Thirsty Pagans , and its 2005 Communion label red wine.  I can’t quarrel with their stated premise: “We think wine IS food.”  There’s nothing I like more than irreverence, and their names and label have that down.  Bravo.


They’re not there yet, but I’ll bet these folks have an Alt-0174 up their sleeves somewhere!  Meanwhile, cheers!

Destination: Seattle

A whirlwind trip back to Seattle for a bar mitzvah enabled us to stroll and drive down memory lane, and see much-missed friends and family.  It also took us past a restaurant whose name I’ve long meant to report in this blog – yet another name that my girls love shouting at the top of their lungs.  It’s a Vietnamese restaurant, and the name is What the Pho?  I can’t vouch for its quality – our destination straight from the plane was Sushiland and its conveyor belt sushi – but the name is gold.  Reminds me of the name I’ve always hoped to see for a Thai restaurant: Nice Thai.  One day I’m sure someone will pick it up . . .

The bar mitzvah celebration was fantastic, and was held at the catering facility of Herban Feast.  While I normally love a name with a good spelling pun, this one kind of bothers me.  Perhaps its the vast spelling difference between “herb” and “urban”; perhaps it’s just that I am remembering what I think was the old Herbal Essence (that’s before Clairol made the name plural) that had a woman saying something like “That’s herbal, Herb” – but pronouncing Herb without the “h”.  You had to live through that 70s TV commercial humor, what can I say?  In any event, I solicit others’ thoughts on the Herban Feast name, while at the same time recommending it highly!