We now resume our regularly-scheduled programming

I am still recovering from first, my eldest daughter’s bat mitzvah, and second, fast on the heels of the first, the INTA annual meeting in Seattle.  Hence the woefully-infrequent blogging.  I feel privileged to have been counted among the bloggers present at the Meet the Bloggers event hosted by Mike Atkins of Graham & Dunn, and as you can see by the photo Mike posted, being short has its perks: The vertically-challenged among us were hustled to the front of the crowd for greater visibility, so there I am in all my petite glory.  It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many fellow bloggers and enjoy Graham & Dunn’s offices and hospitality.  The conference was a good one – lots of interesting and relevant topics, and as always, a chance to catch up with old and new friends.  As I move into the second half of my twentieth year of practicing trademark law, I am grateful to INTA for providing this opportunity to ensure that these friendships remain vibrant.

And just to save this post from being embarrassingly maudlin, here’s a post by Nancy Friedman on incorrect apostrophes in brand names to which I can add nothing but “what she says.”