Destination: Nice

Picture it: A pretty square in Nice’s vielle ville.  One gelateria on one side of a pretty square, and one on the other side.  Check it out:


That’s Fenocchio in the first, Pinocchio in the second.  In what universe is this not confusing similarity?  Fenocchio says it’s been there since 1966, while Pinocchio states on its site, which is written in Spanish, that it’s a multinational chain following its Italian tradition for 20 years.  That suggests to me that Fenocchio would have a legitimate bone to pick with Pinocchio, at the very least with respect to a location within eyesight of its own. But this was vacation, so gelato first, then photos.

Based on food writer and blogger David Lebovitz’s recommendation, we chose Fenocchio, and were not disappointed.  Marc had the salted caramel and I had confiture de lait, which their menu translates as “milk jam” and I translate as pure heaven along the lines of the world’s best dulce de leche.  However, looking at the list, next time I may have to try the “pie of overripe.”  I do love creative translations!

Destination: Cannes

This one’s from the Department of Redundancy Department:

Kind of like the American Dodgeball Association of America.  Or not.  In any event, we gave Cannes two thumbs up, for the four hours or so we spent there.

(Fun and wholly irrelevant fact, speaking of “two thumbs up”: In 1993, we saw Gene Siskel in a pizzeria in Paris just after the Cannes Film Festival.  A few months later, we saw Roger Ebert in an elevator at the Four Seasons in Toronto, when he was there for that film festival.)

Destination: New York

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancin’ in the streets . . . or at least for some vacation.  The third bat mitzvah in our family this year took us to New Jersey, so we figured why not take the family en masse, and then leave the kids for quality time with the grandparents while we took advantage of increased proximity to Europe, specifically the Cote d’Azur?  It proved to be a great idea indeed, and I’ll be posting more on the sunny south of France shortly. 

But first, what I’m sure is a completely unoriginal observation:

Irrespective of the financial woes Citicorp is sustaining now, I always think it’s a bad idea to select a name that immediately suggests its derogatory version to the public.  Even the kids figured this one out. 

More fun on the way!