Apologies for the blogging drought – it’s been a busy end of summer and the kids are already back in school.  But don’t despair, I’ve got something to tide you over until I actually do a bit more work:

Now that’s an evocative and whimsical name.  FYI, in our never-ending quest to experience the oenological bounty of every state we visit, we did indeed taste Vermont wine; not bad considering the grapes don’t get a lot of warmth.  Whites were better than reds, but we applaud the effort and enthusiasm.  The Vermont microbrews we tasted were uniformly outstanding, particularly those from Otter Creek.  So bravo to drinking in Vermont, which I know my Middlebury friends will agree with.  But I think I’ll keep my skiing to the Rockies; the thought of those narrow slopes covered with ice strikes fear in my aging bones!

the Unfortunate Names blog is the source of both never-ending amusement and dismay at the tragic, comic and tragicomic brands featured.

Here’s today’s:

Check them all out – they’re worth it.  Not to mention that they serve as a great endorsement for polyglot branding specialists and trademark attorneys – or at the very least, ones who have some basic competency in English☺!