For our collective Benefit

I’d like to pay tribute today to one of my favorite brands – Benefit Cosmetics.  Benefit has been referred to as the “friskiest luxury brand,” and with products such as BADgal mascara, You Rebel tinted moisturizer, Dear John (“a movin’ on facial cream“), and thrrrob “turned on facial powder,” combined with a winkingly retro graphic design, their target demographic would seem to be twenty- and young thirty-somethings.  And I’m sure that demographic provides the lion’s share of their sales.

But my secret-no-more is what Benefit offers to us femmes d’un certain age: The most comprehensive line of eye care and undereye dark circle camouflage products around.  Thanks to Lemon Aid, Boi-ing, Eye Bright, Ooh la Lift and Lyin’ Eyes (guess what song is now going through your head?), I can leave the house without strangers wondering if I’ve either had a serious mascara malfunction or have simply not slept in the past decade.

Yes, this undereye maintenance regime is pricey.  But I prefer the expense to scaring myself to death when I catch my reflection in the mirror.

So bravo, Benefit.  Now can you please please please bring back Bahama Mama lipstick?