Where trademark law intersects with Prop 8 . . . say what?

Substantially indistinguishable” and “diametrically opposed“?  I have to hand it to MoFo, the response to the clearly ill-advised cease and desist letter from counsel for ProtectMarriage is one of the finest I’ve ever seen, and is yet another reminder that you only want to send that cease and desist letter if you have no problems with its being published and thereafter ridiculed on the web.  Read it for yourself; I simply cannot do it justice.

(Check out the comments on the Courage Campaign site – what do you think of the commenter who nobly volunteers to detail his confusion to ProtectMarriage’s attorney?  A plant?  Trademark law exists to guard against a likelihood of confusion, not to insulate morons from their own intelligence deficits.)

H/t Dan Savage.