Descriptive AND Disgusting

You thought Steve Martin was joking in The Jerk with “Cup ‘o’ Pizza“?  Apparently someone else did not.  For your consideration and to test your stomach’s mettle, I give you K! PizzaconeI guess the K was added because they’ve got to have something protectable on the trademark front, as the PTO has already figured out without too much difficulty that “pizzacone” is descriptive.  Here’s another lesson, kids: when your trademark identifies the thing you’re asking for and can be used in the singular and plural, you’ve got a term bound for Genericness Land. 

One review describes the pizzacone as having “a convenience-snack item texture, feel, and flavor.”  Buon appetito, folks – me, I’ll stick with watching The Jerk.

H/t David Lebovitz

Mea culpa

I have been slacking, and my number one fan (Hi again Dad!) is complaining about the blogging drought.  And since he’s snowbound today, I’m going to have to pull a rabbit out of my hat to come up with a blog post.  But it’s going to be random, I warn you.  (I clearly don’t have Nancy’s celestial connections.)

First, a great band name: We Were Promised Jetpacks.  Pretty much the halcyon cry of resentment over what the 21st century has failed to provide us.  And pretty awesome Scottish rock, for a bunch of 21 year-olds.

Second, in the perfume strip deathmatch between Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, and Flora by Gucci, Flora wins by a nose.  But I find the music on the Viktor & Rolf site curiously enchanting. On to more of what’s in this month’s InStyle . . .

Nancy already raised the pharmaceutical naming issue today and in the past, but there’s yet another name that’s been gnawing at me – Pristiq.  Although it’s an antidepressant, I can’t help thinking that it sounds a helluva lot more like a feminine hygiene product.  Imagine the cross-marketing opportunities: “Feeling blue and not so fresh? Pristiq, now with intimate wipes.”  Okay, maybe not.  I’ll move on.

But not far.  So maybe it’s just me, or maybe I exaggerate for effect, but I get so confused when I hear the Brits talk about “loo rolls.”  I always think “isn’t that the guy who sings ‘You’ll Never Find’?”  But it’s not, and in fact, Jezebel is reporting that the British have clearly achieved new heights in loo roll – i.e., toilet paper – luxury.  That’s right, the Waitrose supermarket chain is now offering loo rolls with cashmere fiber.  With the world in an economic downturn, I hardly think that ultra-premium toilet paper is what Britain needs now, but I can also hardly say that I understand European toilet paper marketing concepts

And finally, as this post is already in the toilet, I will leave you with some examples from FailBlog of how education has failed our country, or at least deprived people of the ability to recognize double entendres.

Rocky and Bullwinkle pic courtesy of Photobucket.