Destination: Todos Santos, Mexico

We had the great fortune to join our friend Bert and some 30 of his nearest and dearest to celebrate his 50th birthday at the remote, secluded but spectacular Rancho Pescadero on the Baja Peninsula near Los Cabos.  Good food, luxurious lodging, and margaritas galore to keep the conversations lively.

But a jaunt over to the small village of Todos Santos a few miles away provided just a tiny bit of trademark amusement, to wit:

Not sure what its official status refers to, but hey, it’s Mexico.  Have a margarita and go with it.

Have it at the Hotel California, in fact, with Hotel California tequila:

And oh yes, they played the song.  My theory, never refuted, is that no matter where you go on this planet, you will hear that song

And wholly off topic but just for fun anyway, is this to commemorate Milli Vanilli?

Hasta luego, Todos Santos.