Works, but doesn’t work

Pretty much anyone who’s hung out with me over the past nine years knows that I have a bad back.  No, a really bad back – a bulging/degenerated disc at L5/S1 that’s only gotten worse in nine years, with bonus facet joint arthritis. Yippee!  Suffice to say I’ve tried every pain remedy and healing modality and must reiterate that it’s really hard to get into a good strengthening routine when you’re in so much pain you can’t put your socks on.

Sorry for the rant.  So among the pain relief I’ve tried is a nifty little Japanese analgesic patch called SALONPAS:
It actually does minimize the pain somewhat, which in my world these days is a roaring acclamation.  The smell is a bit distracting, kind of like bandages, aspirin and Ben-Gay all rolled into one.  However, what troubles me about the product is the name: I just cannot get over the “np” consonant cluster – I don’t know of another English word that contains it (though I solicit any examples you can offer).  The pronunciation suggested on the Salonpas website’s videos doesn’t convince me: “sa-lone-poss.”  It’s just not a natural pronunciation when it includes the word “salon.”  So I am doomed not just to back pain but also to my inability to get over the spelling of one of my remedies.

Of course, I do live in Colorado, where our choice of remedies includes options not necessarily available elsewhere, if not for my own use (hi again, Dad!), definitely for a future post about medical marijuana outlet naming conventions.