Looks like dinner time around here

Here we go once again with miscellany from all around.

Okay, not only is the concept of push-up sushi in a tube disgusting, the name its creators came up with – Sushi Poppers – isn’t going to go very far from a trademark perspective.  I’m just saying.  Take a look for yourself:


Next on my agenda of randomness, Colorado pride:



Not only is it a great name , it’s great beer, with a delightfully incomprehensible slogan (“It’s Like Sputnik,” if you can’t see it), plus the benefit of using endlessly recyclable aluminum cans.  Just watch out for its 8% ABV!  Not that I learned the hard way or anything.

Finally, as for names that make me ponder the descriptiveness/deceptive misdescriptiveness/huh? continuum, I give you this:



The mark is registered,and didn’t receive an office action challenging it on descriptiveness grounds.  I agree – can you imagine grilling beans that small?  Right through the grate they’d go.  No, I could easily make the argument against descriptiveness – that these are beans you serve to go along with grilled items; thus the mark is not immediately descriptive of the goods.  Good call, PTO, on permitting registration. 

Two out of these three sound like the makings of a great weekend.  Enjoy!

Thanks to MSNBC for the photo of the icky sushi poppers!

Edited to add this Oskar Blues brew name – which I had quite a bit of difficulty explaining to the kids:

It’s delicious, and I am a sucker for a company with such egregious puns in its website copy.  And yes, I see that it’s dented and will be careful when I open it!