Destination: Kent

I could try to be all hoity-toity and call it Seattle, but this item is pure Kent.  We just came back from a few jam-packed and fun-filled days visiting friends and family in Seattle.  It’s fun to dine down memory lane there, and a key stopping point was dim sum in Kent at the renowned Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant.  While the dim sum was top-notch, the decor never fails to provide some kind of amusement.

This time we experienced their new widescreen monitor advertising items we could be eating if we weren’t eating what was already on our plates:

We spent much of the meal wondering what “Associated appetizer” could mean.  Then, a trip to the ladies’ room offered another mystery:

While My Shaldan has a Facebook page, they’ve yet to let the public in on the creative process that brought us the magic of their name.  So if anyone has any clues, I’m all ears!

Apologies for the blogging inundation; I figured you needed something to chew on in advance of what will likely be a bit of a hiatus while I get this bad back fixed.  I hope to come back fixed, full of hospital-related brand trivia, and a half inch taller.