Happy Blogiversary to Me!

I’m sorry, I have had it with bacon and I’ve had it with misspellings as trademarks.  Today my friend Leslie offers both in one shot (so to speak): Bakon Vodka.  Let me say it again: MISSPELLING A GENERIC TERM DOES NOT MAGICALLY CONVERT IT INTO A TRADEMARK.  Sorry for screaming, but apparently not everyone heard me say this before.  As for the vodka, while I appreciate bacon-y goodness as much as the next person, I think we have reached bacon overload in this country.  Ca se voit, as they say.

So what else can I offer you on this, the three-year anniversary of the day I went public with the thoughts that until then had merely been buzzing around in my brain and inflicted sporadically on my husband?  

A few things, again from InStyle Magazine which I now have to score on the sly at my nail salon:
Well, there’s Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand.  I know where they’re coming from – “unique clothing” – but once again, the foreign language dilettante in me hears “Klo” and thinks “oh, that’s ‘toilet’ or ‘loo’ in German.”  On the other hand, they do use “every day” correctly on their website http://www.uniqlo.com/dress/us/, which I commend.

Spornette, a hair brush brand?  In theory I don’t mind it, but in practice, I am not wild about how the logo appears on the website:

That’s right, the mark reads “pornette” with a jazzy “S” swoosh alongside it.  Oops?  I understand that the mark is a play on the company’s founder’s surname, Sporn, but I think any name that contains the “porn” formative needs to be careful.  Google “pornette” and see what I mean.  Or don’t, preferably.  At the same time, I love their slogan: “A brush with success.”  

Finally, Moroccanoil.  It’s argan oil, presumably from Morocco.  Thus the mark is descriptive if not generic.  They got registration under section 2(f) of the Trademark Act, but still, this bugs me.  Looks like they’re involved in litigation over the name, evidence once again that when you select a descriptive term as a trademark, you often wind up in disputes with your competitors.

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for three years.  Time does fly when you’re really having fun, and I can honestly say I love doing this.  Thanks to my loyal readership (hi Dad and Marc!) and to the friends and family who plant the seeds for many of my observations.  Keep ’em coming.