When slang hurts you

Tillamook cheese is great.  I’ve enjoyed it since I first discovered it in Seattle and am happy to be able to enjoy it in Colorado.  In a nationwide publicity push, Tillamook is promoting its Loaf Love Tour – they’re “bringing tasty cheese to the people!”

Hey, I can hardly complain.  Cheese is good.  Tillamook cheese is good.  I need to eat cheese and other protein to help my fusion to take.  But “Loaf Love”?  “Loaf Photos”?  “Who’s sharing the most Loaf Love?”

When you’re preparing an ad campaign, it can never hurt to run the terms you’re considering through Urbandictionary.com.  And then ask a teenager, or 20-something guy a question like “What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘loaf’?”  Because if that unfortunate alternate definition came to the mind of this 40-something, I promise you there’s a good percentage of the public that’s thinking the same thing.  So, ick.

Or it’s just me and the drugs.  You be the judge.

A happy and healthy 5771 to those counting that way; me, I am hopeful that the new year brings continued improvement to my back, which should lead to more time upright and blogging!