A trip to H Mart; or, how we spent our fall break.

H Mart is the Asian supermarket in nearby Aurora.  It’s to Denver what Uwajimaya is to Seattle.  The girls and I stopped by today to enjoy some delicious challah-like pastries, and to browse unusual items.

Unusual they were: full pig’s legs and the infamous durian  were probably the most exotic items we saw.  I also could’ve stocked up on My Shaldan air freshener, as they had plenty in stock.  But this product name stopped us dead in our tracks: 

Okay, I get it.  It looks like a screw.  Nothing wrong with it as a descriptive mark.  But did nobody involved in the selection of the name consider the implications?  I’ve said it before and I’ll give you a variation of it again: no matter where you are, it always helps to find out if the word you’re plucking from a language in which you are not fluent has another meaning that’s possibly slang or derogatory.

On the other hand, perhaps they just thought it was gut-bustingly funny calling a pink phallic popsicle “Screw.”  Who am I to judge – after all, my daughters and I thought it was pretty damn hilarious ourselves!