Holiday Cheer

There is simply no equivalence between Chanukah and Christmas.  I don’t consider Chanukah a major holiday; it’s one I’d never consider traveling for and frankly, my sisters and I often ignore it because it’s only about presents and our kids have more than enough.  So to me, while it is a holiday season, it’s not about holidays that I spend a lot of time on. 

That said, it’s always a treat to watch how others observe – specifically, how people observe Christmas.  The holiday sweater craze is one that just doesn’t get enough attention, and a company called Skedouche is looking to change all that.  Take a gander:

Yep, not only do they have a delightfully obnoxious name, they also have new spins on the old tacky Christmas sweaters, like the above “Reindeer Threesome,” and one called “Excited Snowman,” that I’ll just leave you to peruse on their site

Cheers to this local company!

Epic spelling fail

For chrissakes, if you’re not sure, check the spelling on the goddamn bottle:

Sorry, I just get a bit testy about this kind of thing.  Carry on.