I need a new category

Ridiculous and/or nonsensical misspellings, preferably French, just tickle my fancy.  I have no problems with English misspellings as well – don’t get me wrong.  If I had my druthers I’d wander the streets of Paris looking for cute but nonsensical or misspelled English phrasing on clothing or other items.  But life here must go on, so here for your consideration is a wonderful example of the genre straight from T.J. Maxx:

Sadly, there does not appear to be a verb “tamier” that translates into something nasty that would make this item a true find – i.e., it’s no Zizi or Lelo.  Still, the butchery of the intended French phrase (“Je t’aime”) is solid, so I’m pleased to welcome it to my new category, Spelling Gaffes.