Good thing we’re not British

Well, we’ve been in Denver for over two and a half years and I just noticed this somewhat surprising barber/salon name:

That’s Bull Locks, in case you can’t read it.  My mind immediately went, as it so often does, to the gutter – bullocks being an American corruption of bollocks, a term with “numerous useful applications,” according to Urban DictionaryWordnik says it’s a British noun, verb, and interjection that’s vulgar and slang.

So what does it mean? Pretty much the same thing as the business name in my last post: Family Jewels. Alternatively, in the words of the immortal Barry Zuckerkorn of Arrested Development fame, “Those are balls.” 

The Bull Locks website is silent on the etymology of the name, but I like to think that it was the result of a dare, e.g., “I bet I can name my salon chain after balls and no one will know!” Certainly an unusual name for a hair salon, but hey, you can enjoy a tasty lunch at Smashburger (an outstanding name among a sea of burger joints around here) afterwards.

[And yes, that’s the real color of the sky today. It was 65 degrees. Not complaining.]