The sacrifices I make

More from the supermarket:

This is what happens when there’s a line at the supermarket. No, I don’t usually buy candy, but today I did have the time to examine the packaging of this new product featured right at the checkout line. 

My first thought is – “drops”? Well, there’s another unprotectable name. Yes, think lemon drops or cherry drops – or even cough drops.  These “drops” above are pretty much lozenge-shaped just like other candy drops. So while Hershey’s has affected a “tm” after “drops,” the term is generic.

Then I examined the tagline: No candy shell – No mess.  Is that a slap at M&M’s? Is candy shell mess this year’s bedbug infestation? Alternatively, are they trying to say that even though there’s no candy shell on these, there’s still no mess?

Well, that’s where mere visual examination fell short. I actually purchased the package pictured and opened it up to see and taste just what Hershey’s is getting at here. So what did I find? Lozenge-shaped Hershey’s milk chocolate with a glossy coating instead of the usual matte, instant-melting finish that you find on Hershey’s Kisses. The coating looks kind of like the one on Milk Duds, except that it’s integrated with the inside.  So the No candy shell – No mess tagline essentially combines two unrelated features of the product, which, IMHO, falls kind of flat: it’s not catchy and I have to think about the advantages it’s attempting to communicate.

All in all, I conclude that this is a product for which I can’t imagine the public was clamoring.  But since M&M’s has been expanding its product line (mmmmm . . . pretzel M&M’s . . . ), I guess Hershey’s feels it must do the same. And the upside? My kids will be really excited that there’s chocolate in the house!