Weiner? I hardly even know ‘er.

Like moths to a flame (and I’ve got a houseful), journalists flock to tales of politicians’ sexual dalliances, whether those dalliances are real or merely aspirational, apparently. I leave it to others to address the sordid details. I, however, have branding on the mind, even though that mind can be that of a 12 year-old.

So what did I think about today when I saw this at Costco:

Why, about former Idaho Senator Larry Craig, of course, and his toe-tapping escapades at the Minneapolis airport.  

So when I later saw this product featured at the supermarket, my mind was already warped in this inevitable direction:

Honestly, how do you even ask for that one without blushing? Get me some Head? Find me some Head? Do you have Head? (And isn’t it descriptive of where the product is used, by the way?)

What can I say? I’m calling them as I see them, but do you have to make it so easy for me? Think twice before naming your product something that even a bona fide 12 year-old will bust a gut over!