Tastes like ass (or Destination: France)

What is it about France and the tuchis?

Here are two wines we encountered on our trip:

This one means “show your ass.” After a visit to the labyrinthine and somber Patriarche caves in Beaune, where they’ve made wine for 230+ years, and after having a personalized tasting of high-end Burgundies we could never afford, thanks to the helpful Malika, we found this label incongruously bawdy.

Butt there’s more . . . (sorry, I’m just getting back in the swing of teenage humor with my kids back from six weeks at camp!) Shopping for a picnic in Provence, we found this one:

Yes, this one is Shepherd’s Ass thyme liqueur. Pourquoi, you ask? I don’t know, and I didn’t find out if either of these tasted like ass. 

The moral of this story, if I can contort one from all this scatological material, is that our trip to France really inspired me to pursue some in-depth learning about French wine and wine in general. And that’s nice, because in turn, I acquire more material for blogging. (I will certainly report back if I find out why French winemakers have ass on their minds.) 

So stay tuned for more, particularly about wine nomenclature, a topic that’s ripe for commentary!

Montre Cul photo from Why Travel to France (I thought I’d taken one but apparently had just a bit too much in the tasting room!)