Saving space

I am sure I bought this lovely Airwick candle because it was on sale. It’s winter, and I’m cooking a lot, and I like to give the house a fighting chance not to smell like a soup kitchen. But I managed to get a chuckle out of this packaging:

That’s right, the LIMITED ÉDITION LIMITÉE! Someone finally figured out that Americans can read the word “ÉDITION” as “edition” even with an accent mark over the E! But there’s more – les Canadiens français can actually grasp the meaning of ÉDITION LIMITÉE even with that superfluous “LIMITED” preceding it! 

I’m guessing this was an inspired solution to the issue of limited packaging real estate, and I applaud it. Work with those cognates in both French and Spanish!

Meanwhile, on a much less trivial note, warm wishes to you all for a happy and healthy 2012, and thank you for keeping up with my meanderings, trivial and otherwise!

Drinking with my ladybrain V

Here is a wine that speaks softly yet still carries a big
stick. What the hell do I mean by that? While its name by no means falls into the
bitch category,” I know it’s speaking to me. 

Heaven only knows that one of the pleasures of wine
is its power to help take the edge off a tough day. Yes, it helps you relax:


This is a German riesling from Schmitt Söhne,
and I think they were smart to ditch their mouthful of a German name
in favor of something easily marketable and pronounceable. Relax is low in alcohol, refreshing on
the palate, and was a lovely complement to the cheese you see in the photo
behind it. No, it’s not a complex wine, but for the $7 or so I spent? Well
worth it. Though it’s neither festooned in pink nor bitchy, the sleek design and succinct name are nonetheless subtly targeted to women, in my view, as it conveys just exactly what my
having-it-all generation wants to do after a day of multitasking.

(Thanks to my pal Jody for those gorgeous riesling glasses!)

Every party needs a pooper?

Or that’s what this ad for Santa Margherita prosecco would seem to be suggesting:

I’m sorry, but too much prosecco usually means No. 1. Yes, I’m twelve, but it’s totally their fault! It appears that the ad campaign actually is the second in a series of prosecco experiences – but hey, unless I see the series seriatim, my mind goes to the toilet.
Just a cautionary tale … 

Thinking about drinking with my ladybrain

So what William Grimes in the NY Times doesn’t ask is this: Are the wines with these rude names worth drinking? I guess I’ll have to do the dirty work. If the “bitch category,” as he phrases it, actually has some good wines to offer, I’ll throw my hat in the ring, or tip my glass, or whatever metaphor needs mixing. If not, I’ll just stick with this bitch: