Face time

The Grammy Awards were last night, and while it’s not a show from which I really take many fashion tips, I do sometimes marvel at the perfect skin that’s on display. Some of those women must just have armies of estheticians prepping them for days in advance of the big event. 

Those of us too busy with things like kid-shlepping to luxuriate at spas for the perfect glow find ourselves going the Target or Walgreen’s route. And a quick magazine immersion provided me with some new and interesting names. (I can’t vouch for the efficacy of any of these products and probably won’t buy any – I have currently pledged my daily moisturizer troth to RoC’s Retinol Correxion [sic] Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 and I don’t care who knows. So there!)

On to the featured products:


Pro: Sounds like alchemist, and isn’t that what it’s all about? 
Con: Sounds like algae, and I don’t think I want that near my face.

2. Dream Nude Airfoam (Maybelline)

Pro: Dream is nice, again, because that’s what makeup allows us to do.
Con: Airfoam makes me think of putting out a fire with foam. Add nude to that, and you have a nightmare instead of a dream.

3. Magic Lumi

Pro: Magic isn’t bad (see “alchemist” above).
Con: Lumi, presumably short for “luminescence,” is clumsy, and Magic Lumi sounds like something marketed in an infomercial. Or a character in a children’s book.

4. Infallible

Pro: I like it! Not descriptive but suggestive: L’Oreal’s competitors don’t need to say “our eye shadow is infallible.” A strong mark in strong metallic packaging.

Con: I miss eye shadow containers that were large enough to hold a decent-sized brush or applicator. But that, alas, is nothing a good name can fix.

Finally, another mark unrelated to cosmetics and skincare:

Sorry, “slow kettle” sounds like an insult to me, or something I’d call a lollygagging daughter (besides, of course, lollygagger). Remember, it’s always good to say your new product name out loud a few times before settling!