Beer here

Colorado is a mecca for beer drinkers, and we are committed, along with friends in Boulder and here in the Denver burbs, to visiting as many brewpubs as possible. Don’t worry – there’s always a designated driver, and it’s usually me, as I have zero tolerance for the stamina this pub crawling requires.

This past weekend we tried some Boulder-area breweries, and weren’t disappointed. Our favorite, for a repeat performance, was Avery Brewing Company. Their Eremita III, a “sour ale without the training wheels,” was a revelation. (Hey, the driver allows herself a few tastes!) At Asher Brewing, we enjoyed a spirited game of darts along with beers that bore green-themed names as a tribute to their organic brewing: Greenade, Green Monstah, Green Bullet, and Green Lantern, to name a few.
My favorite on the humor front was Golden City Brewery – not for its name, which merely indicates its location (Upslope, another one we stopped at, wins my name prize of the evening – and damn good beer too), but rather for its slogan, with its clever nod to its much larger neighbor in picturesque Golden:
That reads “The Second Largest Brewery in Golden.” (Apologies – I’m just learning how to use my iPhone camera.) The casual, dreadlock-wearing crowd at Golden City was definitely the antidote to the corporate behemoth a few blocks away. Cheers!
The fall pub crawl returns to Denver; stay tuned.