June Birchbox

Visiting parents and in-laws on both coasts has significantly cut into my blogging time in the past two weeks, not to mention getting the time I’ve spent exercising my credit cards to get the kids ready for camp. So my apologies – I know you’ve all been waiting breathlessly for the June Birchbox report, and here it is.

The theme this month is, appropriately enough, Jet Set. I can’t say I disagree with their statement that “every June we still get giddy about dusting off our suitcases and planning an itinerary” – that’s what I’ve been doing in quadruplicate for this summer. And these items will actually all come in handy for my upcoming travels.
First, we have this:
Not particularly exciting on the naming front, but always useful.
Next, a name I really like: 
Stainiac – suggestive and protectable, and I even like the “hint of tint for cheeks and lips” line; it’s very catchy. And it does indeed work as a nice hint of lipcolor. And the house mark for this product – theBalm is a lot cheekier (!) when you say it aloud than when you just read it.
Stila is a well-established brand with a solid name, and this product looks like something that will be a valued addition to my travel kit:
A repeat offender rears its head: 
Yes, it’s Juliette Has a Gun perfume. And their website still contains some hilariously nonsensical language. For example, “Juliette Has a Gun est un electron libre dans le monde de la parfumerie.” And I’m not sure a bullet-shaped perfume dispenser is going to impress the folks at the TSA with its owner’s originality …
And finally, the “lifestyle extra”:
The “tili bag” for your liquids at the airport. I could draw on a plain Ziploc bag, no?
Happy trails and travels for the summer!