Tongue nor heart Cannot conceive nor name thee!

I would continue with “The attempt and not the deed Confounds us,” but this deed confounds me as well:

Other thoughts? “Infirm of purpose”? “Leave no rubs or botches in the work”? Macbeth is generally viewed as Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy, so it’s causing me some major cognitive dissonance when it’s juxtaposed with the flowery background and “Decorate your life … ” tagline – not to mention the PINK!
Google informs me that Macbeth is also the name of a shoe and apparel company. While I’m still not convinced it’s a mark that says “buy me,” this company’s website and the mood it conveys are anything but cheerful; indeed, some of their t-shirts bear downright foreboding graphics. So I’d say the shoes win the battle of the Macbeths.
H/t to my now-rising high school junior for finding this gem!