Woe is me

I clearly lost hold of my senses the day I allowed myself to be seduced by an offer for a ridiculously cheap subscription to US Weekly. I think I used the excuse that I could find blogging matter in its trashy contents. At least, that’s the defense I offered to my husband and daughters, and I’m sticking with it. So it’s time for me to dive into the tawdry depths.

What I’ve noticed after three weeks is that even the ads in US seem cheesier and less polished than in other magazines. Maybe I’m just letting the content influence me, I don’t know … but for example, this one certainly didn’t impress me:
Yep, along with “sneak peak” as a misspelling that betrays the user’s ignorance of the meaning of the term, “woah” is sad evidence that its users are unaware of the meaning of “whoa.” Worse yet, the word’s entry in Wordnik is sad evidence that people also don’t know the difference between “whoa” and “woe.”
One thing’s for sure though: “woah” is always wrong.