The dog days of autumn

I know, you were thinking perhaps I’d provide a welcome respite from the run-up to the election, but I’ve failed you. With good excuse(s), I promise. First, the younger daughter had a tonsillectomy 11 days ago. A teenager recovering from a tonsillectomy beats all previous land speed records for whiny, needy clinginess. She’s back to school today but still in lots of pain, and I thought caring for her alone would test my caregiving skills … but there’s more!

Right after we got her home from the hospital, our beloved toy poodle started acting skittish and strange. When she couldn’t even drag her tiny tuchis off the floor, we knew something was wrong and hightailed (!) it to the veterinary hospital. Well, like mother, like dog: Reggie had ruptured a disk and required a hemilaminectomy with fenestration. (Just as long as it wasn’t defenestration, I always say). Six days in the hospital and untold sacks of gold later, Reggie is home with us trying to pretend nothing’s happened, yet needing my constant supervision.
We’re grateful to the team at VRCC in Denver that took such good care of her. I guess when you shell out that much cash on a dog, you merit a goody bag, and ours contained a cute plush organic pet toy from this company:
Simply Fido is an absolutely great name – I like how it evokes “simplified,” which is a nice connotation for organic products. I just hope the company, with its Brooklyn base, is weathering Hurricane Sandy safely.
Stay healthy, please!