Destination: En-Why-Cee

I took my daughters to New York for spring break to look at colleges. On our visit to Manhattan to see NYU (very nice but way too big and diffuse for my western suburbanites), I insisted on a Mom’s view of Manhattan tour – that is, walking absolutely everywhere. So we shlepped on foot from Grand Central to Washington Square Park (where lunch at Otto was a deserved reward for said shlepping); and of course, shlepped back to catch our train back to Westchester.

The return trip allowed me to show the girls one of my favorite stores in New York, Fishs Eddy. Retro and retro-style kitchenware and tchotchkes – this place has the best selection.

And they also have a classic double-entendre slogan:

That’s “We do dishes.” Just outstanding. FYI, the haul (which I am certain TSA enjoyed going through in my luggage on the return trip) included a couple of gems: a fish scaler, which is just in time for Copper River salmon season, and an olive spoon (so you can reach in the jar and not take out brine when you’re mixing up martinis).

Knowing they ship? That’s good, but Manhattan’s still a nice place to visit even though I don’t want to live there anymore!