Destination: Kona / Catch of the day

Who wouldn’t go for it at a place with this name?

Armed with a coupon for a free appetizer handed out cheerily by the Bite Me fishing operation, we tucked into a delicious lunch – where they then handed us a coupon for 20% off a purchase at their fish market. Seared ahi for dinner! 

Destination: Hawaii

For our 20th anniversary, we decided to treat ourselves to a Hawaiian vacation. This time, we visited Oahu and the big island. Trade winds, mai-tais – the whole nine yards. It was a glorious time, and we returned not too tanned but very well-rested. But of course there were some blogging goodies along the way.

This one came from a hippie-ish shop in the hippie-ish town of Hawi, in the way north of the big island, birthplace of Kamehameha I:

Succinct branding; sometimes it’s the best you can ask for. More island finds to come.

Presented without comment

US Magazine, July 15 edition:

I’m heaving many sighs, and not the good kind. (Technically I guess that’s not a comment – it’s just telling you, dear readers, the reaction I’m having to this caption!)


Happy Bloggiversary to me! Six years and counting. And just in case I don’t manage to post something from the Hawaiian odyssey we’re taking to celebrate 20 years of marriage, here’s a product name that can’t be beat:

That’s right, it’s SPLAT, hair color for those who think dyeing their hair colors like “Orange Fireballs” or “Pink Fetish” is a great idea. While a trip to their website reassures me that this isn’t my demographic, I applaud their enthusiasm and naming skills.

The wrong impression

Back when I was growing up, little girls were meant to be made of “sugar and spice and everything nice,” while boys were made of “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.” I didn’t wear pants to school on a regular basis until fifth or sixth grade. And one old saw that was tossed around to girls as a reminder of our “place,” was that ladies didn’t sweat or perspire; rather, ladies glow. Well, feh, but hear me out.

Over a decade ago, Jennifer Lopez introduced a fragrance called Glow, which provoked some trademark controversy. Well, it seems J.Lo is a prolific fragrance marketer, and has since introduced a number of “flanker” perfumes to Glow. Her latest is this:

Forever Glowing. Or, as I see it, the hot flash that never ends. Glow Ten Years After. The soft-focus photography of the ad, J.Lo’s parted lips – she’s not sweating with this hot flash, she’s merely glowing. (Riiiiiiight … probably since she’s dating a much younger man.)

There are so many perfumes on the market with “forever” in the name that this one will have to clamor for attention – look at what comes up first on Google:

I liked her Deseo brand a lot more, but maybe that’s because times have changed: it’s acceptable now for a woman to express desire and not merely sit on the sidelines and glow.

The Zen of Tattoos

I recently saw a woman with a tattoo across her back that said “Primum non nocere” – or “First, do no harm,” a principal precept of medical ethics. Am I the only one to see the irony here?

For an amusing discussion of tattoos in the medical profession, see here.

And why tattoos? Personal branding, isn’t it?