Sehr lecker!

Went to a good German restaurant the other night. Bonus deli on the premises offered this tasty tidbit whose name had us rolling (or was that the schnitzel?):

Care for a Fred Ferkel, anyone?

Forever twelve

These are possibly the grooviest shoes I’ve ever seen (in terms of something wearable, that is). I saw a cousin wearing them last weekend and immediately beamed up Nordstrom’s online shoe department. One week later, they’re mine, and I’m all agog.

But Bernie, tateleh, darling, you know what your initials are and I know what your initials are. Did you really have to put them on the box?

Not just gender confusion

This sidebar item from the American Express Rewards site also seems to be confused about what century we’re in:

At least it’s not “Ladie’s,” though.

Birchbox Bonus

Ever see a product name and think “this has got to be someone’s inside joke?”

If anyone has any inside scoop, or I’m too old to catch an obvious bit of slang, let me know. Meanwhile, I do like their product name Quicksand for hair wax/fixative, and if, as they say, it’s the “Secret Goop Behind David Beckham’s hair,” (a) who am I to dispute it; and (b) it may be the product I’m looking for to keep my pixie coif in place.