Good dessert talk

So I’ve been busy of late trying to get the eldest graduated from high school, hence the lack of blogging. She did it, is off to college, and we’re off to open veins to make that happen. But at that graduation ceremony, misty-eyed yet still eagle-eyed Mom managed to spot this blot on the landscape of the high school grounds (where construction was going on just in time for 900+ students and their families to descend en masse):


Being a huge fan of the Christopher Guest oeuvre, all I could think of when I saw this sign was “A Mighty Wind,” and the character of Leonard Crabbe, who beamed with pride as he discussed working for Sure Flo Medical Appliances, which was, as he said, “named in tribute after my mother, her name was Florence.” Just watch the movie. I can’t do it justice. And then tell me you wouldn’t have thought the same after seeing this sign!

Actually, SureVoid makes “corrugated paper construction products, commonly known as “void forms” or “carton forms”, which create space between concrete structures & expansive soils, thereby isolating the concrete from the swelling ground,” according to their website. And there I was thinking it was a new competitor of Honey Bucket!