For the majority of the population

Women, that is. And in light of today’s high-stakes oral argument in the Supreme Court over access to abortion , I am posting again because Ithink it worthwhile to highlight this excellent marketing campaign for an IUD:


SKYLA as a mark is youthful, calling to mind the (IMHO incomprehensible but whatever) millennial craze for the name “Skylar” (and its equally icky spelling variants). But what I really like here is the “Plans prioritized” tagline. It’s an alliterative tribute to Planned Parenthood, while at the same time being nicely communicative.

Reproductive rights are human rights, and I am hopeful the Supremes will continue to recognize that fact and turn the states away from their march to the back alleys of the past.

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  1. I looked at that, and almost immediately recalled a fourth-generation My Little Pony figure named Princess Skyla, who first appeared in 2012 and vanished shortly thereafter. (I heisted the name for a foal in a fanfic, but don’t go there.) I’m pretty sure there’s no possibility of confusion between the products, but it will be a few minutes before this raised eyebrow comes back down. 🙂

    For reference:

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