Points to ponder – A trademark geek post

Just finished reviewing a big juicy trademark search report and, as always, I have many, many thoughts entirely unrelated to my conclusions about the subject mark’s availability for use and registration. Here goes:

  1. Why does a municipality of about 12,000 people need a nine class federal trademark application for a logo mark that’s composed of a single letter in a stylized format? We’re not talking Beverly Hills here – this place is unlikely to be on anyone’s tourism bucket list. Even assuming TEAS Plus pricing for the nine classes, that’s $2025 before legal fees. More important than a local food bank or police overtime?
  2. When over 10% of the search report consists of pages showing a certain party’s oppositions, you can probably conclude that that party is a trademark bully.
  3. Oops, when reading quickly I saw “Tryon” as “Tyrion.” Damn you, Thrones!
  4. A search report that is 2000 pages long will contain at least 10 lawyers I know as filing correspondents.
    OF HOMEOWNERS THAT RESIDE IN THE COMMUNITY” really a service being performed in interstate commerce? Why does a local municipality that’s presumably offering those services to said homeowners need federal registration? (Okay, it’s just a variation on the theme of #1.)
  6. Honestly, why is anyone filing applications for goods that include cannabis products?
  7. Gonna say it and not be shy: Those Madrid registrations with biblically long IDs really clog up the register.
  8. When Disney, Nintendo, McDonald’s, Marvel Comics, Warner Bros., Merck, 20+ sports teams, and 20+ universities and colleges show up in the search with registered marks, that tells you the mark is weak.
  9. The Finnish term for “limited company” is osakeyhtiö, and its delightful abbreviation is OY.
  10.  Any application that contains automobiles, pantyhose, and whips among its identified goods should be immediately suspect – can its owner really have a bona fide intention to use the mark on all those items?
  11. Why does a high school need federal trademark registration of its logo?
  12. Boy, do we Jews seem to gravitate to trademark law!
  13. Here, have a doggie as a reward for your kindness in slogging through this post: