Alt-0174 again

Best name ever for a tattoo parlor. But you’re just going to have to savor the experience yourselves when you click on the link. Just make sure your speakers are turned down if you’re in an office … and if you don’t like reggae!

UPDATE: I’ve just been advised, and have confirmed, that the Sorry Mom Tattoo website is down. I still think “Sorry Mom” is an outstanding name for a tattoo joint, although “sorry” wouldn’t be remotely sufficient for either of my daughters in the event aliens made off with their brains and they decided to get tattoos. But I digress, and apologize to you, dear readers, for the technical difficulty here.

The Alt-0174 Award: Not Dead Yet

Rewined Candles. Discarded wine bottles transformed into candle holders that hold wine-scented candles. From reading about them on Dooce to tweeting about them to opening my blogging program – maybe three minutes? That’s how much I love the Rewined Candles name and concept – so much that I can hardly craft complete sentences. They get bonus points for a stylish and clever logo too; it conveys the recycled aspect of the product yet is tasteful and classy at the same time:

Impressive work all around! The Rewined name is a most deserving beneficiary of the coveted Alt-0174 award.

Alt-0174: Nice to see you again

My vet’s parent organization sends us a quarterly magazine on pet health. ┬áThis installment has a feature on Cloris Leachman – and mentions her clothing line, A Cloris Line . ┬áThe website for the line is currently down; but I wish Cloris all the best and think the name amply rates the Alt-0174 honor!

(As I prefer to think of her . . .)