A sudden interest in pet product branding . . .

Why are my kids suddenly pondering the potential for confusion between PetSmart and Petco?

Here’s why:

Meet Reggie.  That’s short for Regina Lampert, Audrey Hepburn’s character in one of our favorite movies, Charade.  There’s a lot more than a new world of branding for me here – so this old dog will be learning some new tricks.  Stay tuned!

INTA Non-Attendee Daily Bulletin (Sour Grapes Day 2)

A visit to the “Inspiring Impressionism” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  Outstanding exhibit and museum.  We’ll definitely go back.  Plus, the girls really like the T-shirts that say “DAM . . . That’s good art.”  Not quite as awesome as the “Say Hey to Monet” slogan that I think came from a North Carolina museum (one that apparently possessed no Monet in its collection), but darn close.

Lunch, of course.  Well, when in doubt, go to a pub.  And Pints Pub didn’t disappoint.  Loved their Airedale Pale Ale — with this cute mascot, who wouldn’t?:


A trip to Whole Foods capped off this lovely day.  (Pssst . . . you’re out of Comte.  Time to stock up, okay?)